OTG ovens are a baker’s best friend. They are versatile, easy to use, and ideal for baking everything from fluffy cakes to crisp cookies and more. As we look at the 8 best OTG ovens available in the market, we’ll focus on those that combine quality with value, ensuring you get the best out of your year-end purchases. These ovens have been selected for their exceptional baking capabilities, consistent performance, and user-friendly features, making them suitable for both seasoned bakers and those just starting their baking journey.

With the year-end sales offering significant discounts, it’s the perfect time to invest in an appliance that can elevate your baking experience. Whether you’re looking for a compact oven for your small kitchen or a larger model to handle those big family gatherings, our list includes a range of sizes and features to meet different needs.

These OTG ovens stand out for their precise temperature controls, even heat distribution, and convenient timers, taking the guesswork out of baking. Some come with additional features like convection settings and specialized baking modes, further enhancing their utility.

So, as you gear up to bake those perfect cakes and cookies for your holiday celebrations, let our guide to the best OTG ovens be your companion. Not only will these ovens make your baking more enjoyable, but they’ll also ensure that every treat you make is baked to perfection. Let’s dive into the world of OTG ovens and discover how these culinary wonders can add a touch of magic to your festive baking adventures!

1. Morphy Richards LuxeChef

The Morphy Richards LuxeChef OTG is a standout in the best year-end deals, perfect for those who take their baking seriously. Its 30-litre capacity caters to both everyday cooking and festive baking sprees. The illuminated chamber and convection fan ensure even cooking and perfect browning, crucial for cakes and cookies. With its 6 mode options, this OTG oven is versatile, handling baking, toasting, grilling, and roasting with ease. The temperature range and integrated oven light make it user-friendly, ideal for both beginners and experienced bakers.

Specifications of Morphy Richards LuxeChef:

Capacity: 30 Litres.

Features: Illuminated Chamber, Stainless Steel & Convection Fan.

Functions: Convection, Rotisserie, 6 Mode Options.

Warranty: 2 Years.

Pros Cons
Large capacity for various needs May take up considerable counter space
Versatile with 6 cooking modes  

2. Borosil Prima

The Borosil Prima OTG oven is a fantastic find in the best year-end deals, designed to cater to all your culinary creations. Its 42-litre capacity and convection technology ensure uniform heat circulation, ideal for baking large batches of cookies or cakes. The motorized rotisserie feature is perfect for evenly grilled dishes. With its 6-stage heating option and adjustable temperature control, this OTG offers versatility and precision. The lit chamber and double glass door make monitoring your dishes effortless, ensuring perfect results every time.

Specifications of Borosil Prima:

Capacity: 42 Litres.

Features: Motorised Rotisserie, Convection Heating, 6 Heating Modes.

Temperature Range: 90-degree Celsius – 230-degree Celsius.

Warranty: 2 Years.

Pros Cons
Lit chamber for easy monitoring May require significant kitchen space
Motorised rotisserie for even grilling  
Precise temperature control  

3. Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK

The Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK is a gem among the best year-end deals, especially for those with limited kitchen space. Its compact 10-litre capacity is perfect for small batches of baking. The OTG heats up quickly, saving time and energy, making it efficient for daily use. The wide temperature range allows for versatile baking options, from toasting bread to baking cookies. The double heating elements ensure even toasting and baking, while the 60-minute timer provides precision for longer baking tasks, making it a practical choice for small households.

Specifications of Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK:

Capacity: 10 Litres.

Power: 800 Watts.

Features: Fast Heating, Even Toast Technology, 60 Minute Timer.

Temperature Range: 100-degree Celsius to 250-degree Celsius.

Pros Cons
Fast heating and energy-efficient Small capacity, not for large batches
Wide temperature range for versatility  

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4. Wonderchef OTG

The Wonderchef OTG, available in the best year-end deals, is a compact yet efficient oven for baking enthusiasts. Its 19-litre capacity is well-suited for small to medium-sized batches. The high-efficiency stainless steel heating elements ensure even cooking. The auto-shut-off timer function with a ready bell adds convenience and prevents over or under-cooking. The heat-resistant tempered glass and multi-stage heat selection make it safe and versatile for different cooking needs. It’s a great choice for those who want to bake, grill, and roast with ease.

Specifications of Wonderchef OTG:

Capacity: 19 Litres.

Features: Auto-Shut Off, Heat-Resistant Tempered Glass, Multi-Stage Heat Selection.

Maximum Temperature: 250 degrees.

Warranty: 2 Years.

Pros Cons
Suitable for a variety of cooking methods Limited capacity for larger gatherings
Auto-shut off feature for safety  

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5. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS

The Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS OTG is a highlight in the best year-end deals, ideal for those who enjoy both baking and grilling. Its 16-litre capacity is perfect for small families or those with limited kitchen space. The OTG features a powder-coated and stainless steel body, ensuring durability. The auto shut-off timer and thermostat control provide safety and ease of use. The unique heating element design ensures even cooking, making it suitable for baking cakes, grilling vegetables, and more. The included accessories add to its versatility.

Specifications of Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS:

Capacity: 16 Litres.

Power: 1200 Watts.

Features: Auto Shut Off, Thermostat Control, Unique Heating Element.

Includes: Baking Tray, Grill Rack, Tong, Crumb Tray, Skewer Rods.

Warranty: 2 Years.

Pros Cons
Compact size for small spaces Not suitable for large baking projects
Even heat distribution for consistent cooking  

6. Philips HD6975/00 Digital

The Philips HD6975/00 Digital OTG stands out in the best year-end deals for its innovative features. The 25-litre capacity and 1500 watt power make it suitable for medium-sized families. Its Opti Temp Technology ensures uniform cooking and even browning, essential for baking. The 10 preset menus simplify cooking, making it user-friendly for various dishes. The motorized rotisserie function and inner lamp add convenience, while the double glass door retains heat effectively. This OTG is perfect for those who want a blend of technology and functionality in their baking.

Specifications of Philips HD6975/00 Digital:

Capacity: 25 Litres.

Power: 1500 Watts.

Features: Opti Temp Technology, 10 Preset Menus, Motorized Rotisserie, Inner Lamp.

Temperature Range: 65 to 230 degrees Celsius.

Pros Cons
Uniform cooking with Opti Temp Technology May be more expensive than basic models
10 preset menus for ease of use  

7. AGARO Grand

The AGARO Grand OTG is a fantastic pick in the best year-end deals for those who love to host. With its 40-litre capacity and 1500 watts power, it’s ideal for large gatherings. The six heating modes offer versatility, suitable for a range of baking and grilling needs. The automatic thermostat and auto shut-off feature provide precision and safety. The cool touch handle and temperature control make it user-friendly. This OTG is perfect for those who need a larger capacity oven with reliable performance.

Specifications of AGARO Grand:

Capacity: 40 Litres.

Power: 1500 Watts.

Features: Automatic Thermostat, Auto Shut Off, Ready Bell, Cool Touch.

Material: Stainless Steel.

Pros Cons
Large capacity for big batches May require more counter space
Multiple heating modes for versatility  

8. AGARO Marvel

The AGARO Marvel OTG is an excellent choice in the best year-end deals, especially for small households or those new to baking. Its 9-litre capacity is ideal for small batches. The 800-watt power ensures efficient heating, perfect for baking, grilling, and toasting. The adjustable temperature control and auto shut-off feature make it safe and easy to use. The heat-resistant tempered glass window allows for easy monitoring of your dishes. This compact and versatile OTG is great for those looking for a basic, easy-to-use oven.

Specifications of AGARO Marvel:

Capacity: 9 Litres.

Power: 800 Watts.

Features: Temperature Control, Timer, Auto Shut Off, Cool Touch Handle.

Material: Alloy Steel.

Pros Cons
Compact size for limited space Not suitable for larger baking needs
Adjustable temperature for control  

Best 3 features for you


Product Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Morphy Richards LuxeChef Illuminated Chamber Convection & Rotisserie 6 Mode Options
Borosil Prima Convection Technology Motorised Rotisserie 6-Stage Heating Option
Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK Fast Heating Wide Temperature Range Double Heating Elements
Wonderchef OTG Stainless Steel Heating Auto-Shut Off Multi-Stage Heat Selection
Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS Stainless Steel Body Auto Shut Off Thermostat Control
Philips HD6975/00 Digital Opti Temp Technology 10 Preset Menus Motorized Rotisserie
AGARO Grand 40 Litres Capacity 1500 Watts Power Multiple Heating Modes
AGARO Marvel Compact Size 800 Watts Power Adjustable Temperature

Best value for money

The Inalsa Oven MasterChef 10BK offers the best value for money. With its 800W power for fast heating, wide temperature range, and double heating elements, it’s perfect for small households or those just starting with baking. Its affordability and efficient performance make it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers looking for quality.

Best overall product

The Philips HD6975/00 Digital OTG stands out as the best overall product. It boasts Opti Temp Technology for even cooking, 10 preset menus for a variety of dishes, and a motorized rotisserie for perfect grilling. Its 25-litre capacity suits most family sizes, and its advanced features make it a top choice for both novice and experienced bakers.

How to find the best year-end deal on OTG?

To find the best year-end deal on an OTG oven, start by determining your baking needs. Consider the oven size based on your family size and baking frequency. Look for features like temperature range, heating elements, and additional functions like convection or rotisserie. Research different brands and models to compare features and prices. Check customer reviews for reliability and performance insights. Look for deals on online retail platforms, brand websites, and local appliance stores. Don’t forget to check for additional warranties or services that add value. Finally, consider energy efficiency for long-term savings. Comparing these aspects will help you find an OTG oven that fits your needs at a great year-end deal.


Question : Can I use aluminum foil in an OTG oven?

Ans : Yes, you can use aluminum foil in an OTG oven, but avoid covering the entire rack or the bottom of the oven to ensure proper heat circulation.

Question : Is preheating necessary in an OTG?

Ans : Yes, preheating is important in an OTG oven to reach the desired cooking temperature for consistent baking results.

Question : How do I clean my OTG oven?

Ans : Clean your OTG oven with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and ensure it’s unplugged and cool before cleaning.

Question : What is the difference between an OTG and a microwave oven?

Ans : An OTG is primarily used for baking, grilling, and toasting, while a microwave is used for cooking and reheating food using microwave radiation.

Question : Can I bake a cake in an OTG oven?

Ans : Yes, OTG ovens are ideal for baking cakes, cookies, and other pastries due to their precise temperature control and even heating.

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Published: 21 Dec 2023, 08:16 PM IST