It’s taken longer than planned and costs more than planned, but Carvaggio Corvettes is ready with its Unica Series 1 package for the C8 Chevrolet Corvette. The Ontario, Canada-based company, founded by John Caravaggio and in business since 1986, specializes in body kits and custom interior makeovers for the iconic sports car. In early 2022, the company announced the Unica Series 1 would be its first-ever numbered limited edition kit and go into production that year, smoothing out the Corvette’s sharp angles and bolting on a new set of wheels for the price of $110,000 plus the donor Corvette Stingray or Z06. It’s now $135,000, and operators are standing by to take orders.

Caravaggio calls its work a “Euro-styled carbon fiber body.” The switch to carbon cuts about 40 pounds from the car’s curb weight. The redesigned lines cut nearly every crease from the car’s body panels. The redrawn front fascia adds tight radii to the intake corners and the corner intakes are lined with carbon fiber extensions like we’d see on an AMG One. Lower down, carbon fiber splitters emerge at the edges to form an aero element running the length of the car.

The side vent makes the most difference to the look. Caravaggio’s version begins its swell at the front of the door, creating a sleeker run from front to rear as opposed to the standard Corvette’s pronounced swell toward the back. The intake’s been reshaped, too. The sharp V or Y profiles of the factory intake are carved into a crested arc. And at the back, every Unica Series 1 gets a wing, which emerges from the fender. 

We don’t have interior photos, but we’re told buyers get a full leather interior. Five customers will be able to spec their bodywork in exposed carbon fiber. For the rest, the list of paint choices and options is nearly unlimited, Caravaggio offering any legal alteration — from thumb grips on the steering wheel to superchargers — a customer might want.  

Limited to 30 hand-built examples, the first two cars have been built, making it effectively limited to 28 as of now.