Ford is bringing the fire to SEMA this year by revealing a new Mustang FP800S concept package and a new Whipple supercharger kit that will allow you to increase power to “at least 800 horsepower” by way of a supercharger. The supercharger kit is limited to work done under the hood, but the FP800S package offers much more than that.

It’s similar in concept to the F-150’s FP700 package from Ford Performance, and it includes the Whipple supercharger kit, so we’ll start there. Any 2024 Mustang GT (manual or auto) can be outfitted with the package, and it includes a 3.0-liter Whipple twin-screw supercharger, dual intercooler tech, an oversized heat exchanger, high-flor intercooler pump, high-flow fuel injectors, Billet high-flow fuel rails, integrated intercooled air-bypass system, 92-millimeter throttle body, 120-millimeter dual-air intake system with high-flow filters and a Tomahawk V2 flash tool. 

As for the other parts of the FP800S concept package, Ford says it includes a street lowering kit and a Ford Performance half-shaft upgrade. You can additionally add a Borla Extreme catback exhaust system and a medley of carbon fiber aero elements. As you can see in the photos, Ford will also offer wheels, graphics and interior upgrades to complete the look.

Ford says the kit is tested to its durability standards and will be available starting in 2024. If the kit is installed by a dealer or ASE-certified technician, it comes with a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. Meanwhile, a kit specific to the Dark Horse model is currently in development and will launch “in the near future.”

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