Fortnite developer Epic Games is about to release another new Hotfix for the OG season. Just a few days after the release of the final update of the OG season, Epic Games will once again fire up the time machine in order to move things forward to Season 9 and Season X. The Fortnite Season X hotfix has a November 23 release date and a 2pm GMT UK launch time. Even better news is that with the full update launching earlier this week, there’s no need for any additional server downtime.

The S9 and X release date was announced by Epic Games at the start of the OG season, alongside a preview of what fans can expect.

“Season 9 brought the future. Then in Season X, the world was destabilising, fast! But don’t worry, Seasons 9 and X had a ton of ways to play Fortnite that will return in the v27.11 Nov 23 hotfix,” reads an Epic post.

As part of the Season 9 and Season X hotfix, fans can expect the map to destabilise ahead of the upcoming Big Bang event.

The hotfix will also re-introduce a number of classic weapons and iconic items from the original Season 9 and X.

Indeed, the Season 9 and X hotfix will bring back weapons like the Heavy Sniper Rifle, Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strike, and Junk Rift.

That’s on top of the Storm Flip and Jetpack, the latter of which was used in the Season 9 event. Finally, Epic will bring back The Baller vehicle.

As for the big end of season event, the Big Bang will take place at 7pm GMT on the evening of Saturday, December 2.

Epic Games explains more: “Jump into The Big Bang — Fortnite’s next live event — on Saturday, December 2, 2023, at 7pm GMT! This event marks a new beginning for Fortnite.

“The experience will be available in the Battle Royale tile in Discover 30 minutes prior, so you can jump in before the event starts to gear up with any of your cosmetics.”

Based on early leaks and promotional material, the event will star Eminem. It will also feature some kind of LEGO crossover.