Hoonigan has published the last video that Ken Block starred in before his death in January 2023. Shot in Mexico City in November 2022, the film is a follow-up to Gymkhana 11 called Electrikhana Two that shows a heavily-modified Audi S1 drifting and even popping wheelies.

Block’s team leveraged the lessons learned while filming Gymkhana 11, which was shot in Las Vegas, to make several improvements to the S1’s drivetrain. Hoonigan notably fitted what it calls a “simulated gears” feature that adds a digital gearbox to the drivetrain by programming several levels of wheel speed control into the electric motors. Block controlled this system using a pair of steering wheel-mounted paddles.

Hoonigan adds that the drivetrain’s massive amount of power made this transmission-like system necessary. It gave Block better control of the S1, especially when sliding, and it allowed him to accelerate more precisely. The drivetrain also packs some pretty neat features that are demonstrated in the film, including the ability to pull off a standing all-wheel-drive burn out, to switch from rear- to all-wheel drive, and to shift into reverse regardless of speed. Updated specifications haven’t been published, but Block’s original S1 made 2,212 pound-feet of torque.

Embedded above, the video takes viewers through a high-speed tour of some of the most emblematic sights in the Mexican capital. Block launches the S1 out of the Plaza de Toros, which is the largest bull-fighting ring in the world, turns the Benito Juárez International Airport into his personal playground, and meets up with a heavily-modified Volkswagen Beetle (known as the vocho to locals) while decimating set after set of tires. Beyond the car and the sights, Electrikhana Two features the high-quality filming we’ve come to expect from Block’s videos.

Block’s family members are picking up where the rally driver left off. Lucy Block, his wife, raced a Sierra Echo EV in the 2023 edition of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Lia Block, his daughter, competed in the same event with a custom-built, Porsche 911-like coupe called Hoonipigasus.

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