Jamie Oliver has compiled an impressive repertoire of recipes throughout his career, and his twist on the Coronation chicken has proven the perfect addition.

The dish takes its name from the coronation of 1953 Queen Elizabeth II because it was invented as a luncheon for the event.

It has since become a staple in many households and is enjoyed in a variety of ways, often featuring in wraps or salads.

Jamie Oliver believes Coronation chicken is just as fitting for convivial celebrations as it is for a dinner-for-one. His simple recipe is a simple undertaking for any occasion.

Add spiced dressing, pickled cucumber, and crushed poppadoms, to transform the old-school recipe into a “beautiful salad” perfect for “street parties, buffets, or picnics”.

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The cook’s step-by-step recipe can be found on his website, where he wrote: “What a better way to mark the coronation celebrations than with my take on this retro beauty? 

He suggests serving the dish as a delicious salad or using the components to fill sandwiches.

The recipe begins with peeling and finely grating ginger and garlic then trimming and finally slicing chillies and coriander stalks.

The cook then tosses these into a good-sized roasting tray adding a sprinkle of seal salt and black pepper, and the juice of half a lemon.

After blending in one tablespoon of curry paste and olive oil, Jamie places the whole chicken in the tray, massaging it all over with the marinade, including the inside of the cavity.

Jamie puts the citrus fruit in the microwave on high (800W) for 45 seconds, before popping it inside the cavity of the chicken to help the flavours come through.

He then peels the onions, cuts them into wedges before separating them into petals, and adds them to the roasting tray before adding the chicken to the tray, breast-side down.

For more intense flavour, cooks have the option to cover up the chicken and let it soak in the fridge for up to 12 hours before proceeding to the next step.

To proceed with the cooking, preheat the oven to 18-C / 350F / Gas four. Drain some tinned pineapple and set the sweet juice aside.

Jamie cooks the chicken for an hour and a half, occasionally flipping it over with tongs and adding the pineapple slices to the tray halfway through. The meat then rests for 30 minutes on a board.

All that is left to do in the final stages is remove the lemon from the cavity, squeeze the juice out onto the tray, shred the meat and enjoy it with any accompaniment of your liking.

Fans confirmed the dish is as delicious as it sounds. One viewer wrote on YouTube: “The recipe is absolutely fabulous. Great recipe and video Jamie!!”

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