Keeping your washing machine in top working conditions is crucial to having fresh-smelling clothes every time.

In order to keep it in good condition, a laundry expert has shed light on a little-known hack to clean your machine.

Despite the average person spending an astonishing three hours doing laundry each week, some common usage mistakes could lead to expensive repair bills.

Salah Sun from Beko Plc points out that using the same washing machine setting for every laundry load isn’t the most effective way to clean clothes.

He said: “These appliances have many easy-to-use settings which, with a quick switch, could make your laundry easier.”

In fact, an astounding £6.8billion is lost annually due to clothes being shrunk and damaged from improper laundry care, with jeans being the most affected.

The expert disclosed that most homeowners neglect to use the ‘clean cycle,’ which he asserts “ensures a cleaner and more efficient” appliance.

Salah explained to the Mirror: “One easily forgotten cycle that you should be using once a month is the clean cycle.

“This helps to keep your washing machine working its best, keeping your clothes clean and the drum smelling better.”

The cleaning pro himself uses this technique, adding: “Empty your drum, add a cap of vinegar to your drawer, and run your clean cycle.”

This cycle runs the machine through a hot wash, helping to eliminate limescale and hidden grime build-up.

Salah advised to ensure you’re regularly cleaning around the door, drum, and even the drainage point at the bottom.

While many of us stick to our usual settings, the expert highlighted other spin cycles and settings that should be used regularly.