Brands continued to invest in moment marketing with odes to days like World Social Media Day and Doctor’s Day that has yielded some enchanting work.

Bonding over tea

On the occasion of World Social Media Day, Brooke Bond Red Label launched a lovely film called ‘Red Label- India’s favourite Social Network’. Created by Ogilvy, the film draws a parallel between social media lingo such as likes, shares, friend requests, reposts and trends with everyday moments across India, positioning a cup of Red Label tea as an enabler to bring people together. The insight — tea is the original social network as friends are made, friendships rekindled over a cup of tea.

A doctor’s gift

On the occasion of National Doctor’s Day, Sun Pharma unveiled an inspiring initiative, #SecondBirthDate, to celebrate and honour the incredible contributions made by doctors, who give our loved ones and us a second chance at life. As a part of this initiative, cricketer, Rishabh Pant and actor, Mahima Chaudhry took the lead and updated their social media handles with a #SecondBirthDate as a tribute to the doctors who saved their lives. Both celebrities shared their chance at a second life stories in movingly narrated films. Made by Ogilvy India, it captures the powerful sense of gratitude we feel towards doctors.

Fresh and bubbly

Using the waft of cool breath as a metaphor for starting something new, Doublemint has launched a fun new campaign. Created by DDB Tribal, the charming boy-meets-girl film captures the excitement and playfulness of connecting with someone new and getting to know them. The cool breath is used as a visual device to keep the movement and connection The peppy music further builds the positioning #StartSomethingFresh.

Chipping ahead with AI

Bingo! Tedhe Medhe, the snack brand from ITC, has launched an innovative AI campaign in India that should tingle the taste buds of chips lovers and create good engagement. Bingo! is inviting consumers to share their most memorable and quirkiest Tedhe Medhe hunger moments through its “Bingo! Tedhe Medhe Snack Attack” contest. Winning entries will stand a chance to have their moment transformed into personalised AI-generated images. These AI-generated posts will be featured on the brand’s social media handles and consumers with the most interesting situations will win exciting vouchers and hampers. Each week, Bingo! Tedhe Medhe will select 10 mega winners from the AI images shared on social media by tagging the brand. The campaign leverages the power of AI to recreate and personalise these moments, allowing participants to relive their quirky snacking memories like never before.