Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian has announced plans to release a major new update later this week. According to a recent social media post, Larian is aiming to launch Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5 in the coming days. While there’s no official release date, major Baldur’s Gate 3 updates tend to launch on Thursdays. With this in mind, fans should expect Patch 5 to make its debut on November 30 at around 6pm GMT UK time. Express Online will be back with the exact details including full patch notes when the new update is released.

In terms of fixes, Baldur’s Gate 3 updates typically make hundreds of changes across the board.

While the full patch notes are yet to be revealed, Larian has given fans a taste of what to expect.

According to the early patch notes, the new update will fix slowdown issues caused by the release of the previous download.

Likewise, the new update will fix “Astarion’s little kisses”, something which was showcased as part of a recent post on X.

“We’re aiming to release Patch 5 this week, which fixes the eternally-active acts of thefts & violence causing slowdowns, introduced in the previous patch. It also fixes Astarion’s little kisses, and more!”

In other Baldur’s Gate 3 news, developer Larian is encouraging fans to vote for the game as part of the Players’ Voice category of the Game Awards.

“Voting is open for Round 1 of Players’ Voice at The Game Awards!” reads a Larian tweet. “Baldur’s Gate 3 is up against 30 other big hitters to progress to the next round.”

Other games featured in the list include Alan Wake 2, Diablo 4, Final Fantasy 16, Hogwart’s Legacy and Starfield.

The field will be whittled down over the coming days, with the most popular ten games duking it for the top spot at The Game Awards in December.