Radiators are a vital in element in any home, so ensuring they are in top running condition is everyone’s priority this winter.

Catherine Storer, Executive Director at Essential Site Skills (ESS), a construction training provider, has shared an easy trick for homeowners to enhance their home’s heating.

Using a simple 70p tool, Storer claimed your radiator can be “brought back to life” to heat up your home up quicker.

She said: “Radiators are the lifeblood of our home’s heating potential, keeping us cosy in these colder days leading up to Christmas and beyond.

“These mid-Autumn months see many of us turning our radiators on for the first time since last winter. We expect them to work as they always have, but for many, this doesn’t happen.”

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The expert added: “Radiators are relatively simple technology. Hot water circulates around them, heating up the metal frame and, eventually, the rest of the room. Over time, however, pockets of air can sneak in, stopping the flow of hot water, and making your radiator much less efficient.

“Bleeding your radiator is like giving your radiator a breather, letting all that trapped air out and letting the hot water warm your home up quicker and easier.”

Storer pointed out that radiator keys are a budget-friendly solution, costing as little as 70p and readily available at major homeware stores.

She added: “Given the already increased heating bills during this season, it makes sense to utilise that money more effectively for ourselves and our families.”

For additional savings on heating expenses, Storer recommends considering other investments such as draught excluders, loft insulation, and cosy furnishings like rugs and curtains.

“A significant amount of heat escapes through our roofs and doors, so taking measures to block cold air passages and retain heat can make a substantial difference. Using heavy materials like rugs and curtains is particularly effective in preventing heat loss and blocking draughts from floor gaps.”

It comes after experts warned that drying clothes on radiators could be increasing the cost of your heating bills.

With this in mind, Owen Whitlock, an interiors expert at Beanbags.co.uk has shared why homeowners should avoid drying clothes on radiators – even if it’s tempting.

He said: “While hanging wet clothes over your radiators will dry them, this could cause excess condensation in your home.

“This will lead to mould which can create all kinds of damage including staining paintwork, not to mention the allergens that mould can produce. As well as this it could increase the cost of your heating bill.

“Hanging clothes over the top of your radiator will prevent it from heating your house, which means the boiler will need to work harder than it needs to, therefore increasing its running costs.”