It’s officially December, which means trees are being decorated, stockings are being hung, and mince pies are being eaten.

Christmas is just around the corner, and with just over three weeks to go until the big day, Brits are flocking to Christmas markets for their fix of festive spirit.

There are some incredible Christmas markets to experience both in the UK and in Europe, and luxury online travel agents eShores have compared the top 10 most searched for European Christmas markets to determine the cheapest for a round of drinks.

Analysing data from across Europe, eShore discovered that the most searched-or European markets are:

1.   London 
2.   Prague 
3.   Budapest 
4.   Vienna 
5.   Berlin 
6.   Munich 
7.   Amsterdam 
8.   Nottingham 
9.   Birmingham 
10.  Cologne

But of those 10 markets, which is the cheapest for a festive round of drinks?

1. Prague – average drinks price: £5.90 for a beer and mulled wine

It is perhaps no surprise that Prague tops this list, with its reputation amongst tourists for its affordable tipples.

The Czech capital’s enchanting Christmas markets open on December 2, set in the beautiful Old Town surrounded by atmospheric and iconic architecture such as the Old Town Hall and Astronomical clock.

A beer at this quintessentially festive market costs just 75czk (£2.68) on average, and a mulled wine will set you back 90czk (£3.22) on average – making the total average cost of around 165czk (£5.90).

2. Budapest – average drinks price: £6.23 for a beer and mulled wine

Budapest is an incredibly popular tourist destination for Brits, thanks to its grand architecture and unique charm – perfectly suited to the festive season.

The most popular Christmas market is in Vörösmarty Square and opened on November 24. A beer there averages around HUF 1,500 (£3.46), while a mulled wine is on average HUF 1,200 (£2.77) – the cheapest of all the markets analysed. Overall a round of drinks at a Christmas market in Budapest will set you back an average HUF 2,700 (£6.23).

3. Berlin – average drinks price: £7.88 for a beer and mulled wine

Germany’s capital city, Berlin, attracts all sorts of travellers thanks to its diverse and vibrant nature. Luckily, its Christmas markets are no different.

The Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz opened on November 27 and is popular with visitors. A beer there averages €4 (£3.50), and a mulled wine will cost on average €5 (£4.38), taking the total price for a round to €9 (£7.88).

For breathtaking panoramic views of the city to accompany your drinks, don’t miss a ride on the iconic giant Ferris wheel, Riesenrad.

4. Munich – average drinks price: £7.88 for a beer and mulled wine

Another German entry in the list, which is no surprise given their status as having some of the best Christmas markets and beers in the world.

Travel back in time as Munich transforms into a winter wonderland over the festive period, with the market said to date back as far as the 14th Century. The prices are similar to that of Berlin on average, with a beer costing €4 (£3.50) and a glass of mulled wine setting you back €5 (£4.38). Total cost on average for a beer and a mulled wine €9 (£7.88).

5. Nottingham – average drinks price £8.45 for a beer and mulled wine

You won’t have to step on a flame to grab a cheap round from the next Christmas market on the list – Nottingham.

With 10,000 searches each month, Nottingham is a popular destination for Brits searching for a festive staycation. The city’s annual Winter Wonderland is full of traditional market stalls with cheap drinks – a beer is available for £3.45 or a mulled wine for £5, bringing the total for an average round to £8.45.