Britons on the hunt for creative ways to cut their energy bills could benefit from cleaning one overlooked part of their fridge, as it helps the appliance be more energy-efficient.

As energy costs soar throughout winter, the need for strategies to curtail spending grows significantly.

Energy Saving Trust recommends switching to a more efficient appliance to save more than £580 over a 17-year lifetime, but a purchase of this magnitude can be costly.

Data from Offgem suggests that the average household in the UK spends more than £,2000 on energy bills per year, with a considerable sum originating from kitchen appliances.

Although fridges are essential for the storage of certain foods, they contribute hefty amounts to energy bills because they stay on.

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To ease some of these costs, homeowners are being encouraged to clean coils to reduce energy usage by as much as 30 percent, according to data released by the Consumer Energy Center.

Experts at Angi explained: “Spending 15 minutes cleaning condenser coils saves 11 percent on average. Refrigerator coils are often under the unit or on the back.”

Doing this task a couple of times a year may be particularly helpful if you house pets who shed. Simply use a duster or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, hair, or dirt that is visible.

It’s equally important not to place the fridge next to other heat-emitting appliances like dishwashers and ovens, as this will have an impact on how hard the appliance has to work.

To further improve your savings, households can make amendments to the setting of your fridge, by shifting the temperature to roughly 5C, but not higher.

Being mindful to keep your fridge door closed as much as possible will also avoid unnecessary energy loss.  

Omar Idrissi, the owner of ADK Kooling, told Watford Observer: “Fridges are undoubtedly one of the most common and indispensable household appliances, and given they need to be left on all day and night, ensuring yours is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible will prove beneficial financially.”

By taking action and thinking more economically about the appliances we will make a significant difference in our bills over time.