If tissue is left in pockets of clothing and ends up in the wash, it typically can ruin a laundry cycle.

While this is frustrating, it is not necessary to redo the entire wash load to remove the pieces of tissue.

All out of ideas, one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask how to remove tissue from washed clothes.

Janna Jennings said: “Does anyone have a tip for removing white bits of tissue all over clothes when removed from the washing machine because someone has left a tissue in something before washing?

“I’ve tried all of the usual lint-removing products on them. What can I do?”

The majority of group members were in agreement that the tissue “will just fall off” if it goes in the tumble dryer.

Nicola Green said: “My kids do this plenty. Give them a damn good shake when dried and put it in the tumble dryer for a few minutes. All the tissue bits just fall off.”

Karen Ladley commented: “Leave to dry and then tumble dry. Works a treat.”

Lorna Sloan wrote: “This happened to me yesterday, hung my laundry on the airer as normal and put in tumble dryer after.”

Karen Allen claimed: “If the clothes can be tumble dried, it’s the easiest way. Only takes five minutes.”

Lorraine Fones replied: “If you have a tumble dryer put all clothes in there on a cycle, all the tissue is then in the catcher not on the clothes.”

Jackie Cant said: “Tumble dryer works great when this has happened to me. The tissue fibres cling to the vent and you’d never know. Even works on the darkest colours.”

For those who don’t own a dryer, some members have recommended rewashing the load with aspirin tablets.

Samantha Porter instructed: “If you have a tumble dryer then put it in for five minutes, or if not, wash it again.”

Deena Harness said: “I have read that aspirin in the wash dissolves the tissue.”

Caroline Baker wrote: “I haven’t tried it myself but someone on here said to wash again with aspirin in the wash. Don’t know how many to put in though.”