Ever wandered past an enticing lounge at the airport and wondered what’s going on inside? An exclusive experience, airport lounges are usually only on offer to paying customers or first and business class travellers.

While lounge facilities vary widely across airports, many have free drinks, food and WIFI for waiting passengers.

Some lounges even have shower facilities or a spa, although passengers will often have to pay more for this.

But even if you’re not flying in business of first class, is it worth booking lounge access at the airport?

I wanted to see whether holidaymakers could save money by booking lounge access.

British tourists can book lounge access for as little as £26 on Holiday Extras or as little as £13.50 with Lounge Pass.

While it might sound like an expensive extra on the price of a holiday, it could be a cheaper choice than buying food at the airport.

If you’ve ever had a long wait for a flight and ended up buying a meal at the airport, you’ll know it definitely isn’t the cheapest place to eat.

A sandwich, cold drink and coffee at Pret could easily add up to over £10 so holidaymakers could actually save money if their lounge has free hot drinks and food.

Some lounges also offer free bottled water and cold drinks so holidaymakers can pick one up for their flight after security.

Tourists with lounge access will also be guaranteed a comfy place to relax before their flight and won’t have to fight for a hard plastic chair.

However, lounge facilities do vary so it’s important to check whether a lounge will be worth the price before booking.

Tourists can check reviews for airport lounges on Tripadvisor to get an idea of what they can expect from the experience.

Want to know more about booking an airport lounge? Find out how to book and where to find a lounge with http://Express.co.uk ’s handy guide.