California-based Icon is bringing together artists and independent brands from all over the country for a one-day charity event called Icons of Design. Held in the Los Angeles area, the show will feature some of Icon’s resto-modded cars along with the work of numerous other artists.

The recently-unveiled 1,000-horsepower 1970 Chevrolet Suburban (pictured) will make its public debut at the event. It’s the first Suburban modified by Icon, and it cost over $1 million to build. Other brands from the automotive space will participate in the event, including a firm called Ruffian Cars that puts a modern spin on classic Ford models such as the Galaxie 500, Porsche builder Singer, and Meyers Manx.

Non-automotive brands will get the opportunity to showcase their take on art as well. Artists and artisans who specialize in clothing, shoes, watches, jewelry, and antiques will have a stand at the Icons of Design event. Some of the items displayed will be for sale, while others will simply showcase what each artist or company is capable of. Food trucks, live music, and cocktails are part of the program, too.

“As as serial craftsman who loves to explore different arts, I have a large network of creative friends who do a wide range of arts. To me, transportation design is a unique and extraverted convergence of so many different arts, materials, and skills. This is what originally drove me toward this career. So, I thought up this event as a great way to bring all of the different tribes together for a great cause,” Icon founder and CEO Jonathan Ward told Autoblog

Icon’s Icons of Design event will open its doors on Sunday, November 19 at 9 a.m. local time at the Hagerty Garage + Social in Van Nuys, California. Tickets cost $35, and Icon points out 100% of the net proceeds from the event will benefit vulnerable children around the world. And, you may need to make space in your garage before you go: Icon will auction off one of its Toyota FJ40-based builds during the show.