Although using the tumble dryer is the quickest way of drying laundry, for those who don’t have a tumble dryer, or are looking to save on their energy bill, there are alternative methods, according to Deyan Dimitrov of Laundryheap.

Invest in an airer 

An airer is lightweight, foldable and an energy-efficient way to dry clothes. You can buy heated clothes horses for faster drying, however, the plastic ones work just as well.  

Deyan said: “For the best results, hang your clothes neatly on the rungs of your clothes horse, making sure that they don’t bunch up or overlap. 

“Place your smaller clothing, such as underwear, on the lower rungs and your larger items, such as shirts, higher up.”

When compared to a tumble dryer, it can take a longer time to dry your clothes using a clothes horse, which is why you want to ensure that air can flow efficiently.

When following this method, place clothes in a small space with regular airflow indoors. 

Try to avoid placing your clothes horse in a living area as the room can become “humid and encourage mould spores”. To avoid this, invest in a dehumidifier or open a window to let the moisture out. 

Use a fan 

For those who have decided to use a non-heated clothes airer but want clothes to dry at a “faster pace”, try using a fan. 

Hang the clothing on the airer and place it in an open and airy space. Position the fan nearby and put it on a high setting, but make sure that the fan isn’t on too high a setting as you don’t want your clothes being blown off. 

Make sure that you rotate the fan every 30 minutes to ensure that all of the clothes are benefiting from the increased airflow the fan produces.

Don’t use radiators

Using a radiator will dry clothing in a timely manner, however, it “will cause damage”, warned the expert. 

Deyan claimed: “Exposing your clothing to the heat of a radiator will damage their fibres and cause them to weaken. 

“In addition, placing your clothes on a radiator blocks the vents, causing the radiator to use more energy to heat your room/clothing, resulting in a higher gas bill.”

For those who want to use their heating to dry their clothes, place the clothing on an airer close to the radiator instead.

Use a hairdryer 

This hack is only useful for smaller garments, such as underwear, socks, or hand towels. 

Begin by removing as much excess water as possible. Do this by using a high spin cycle on the washing machine or by hand wringing the items. 

The expert claimed: “For the best result, set your hairdryer on a medium to high speed and medium heat. Remember, the hairdryer is to increase airflow, not temperature, so if you use too high a heat setting you will damage the fibres in your clothing.”

Make sure to distribute the airflow of the hairdryer evenly, turning the items every few minutes until they are dry.