Day marketing dominated the ads of last fortnight with Father’s Day eliciting a rush of campaigns. Pride Month and World Music Day came in for brand love too.

Ode to those who do more

TVS Jupiter’s Father’s Day heartwarming campaign won the internet for showing a man learning how to drape a saree so he could dress up his little daughter in it for her school function. The spot starts with the mother asking anxiously if he could manage the task and then shows the man looks through a spate of video tutorials before taking his daughter to the function. It ends with them driving back on the scooter, an award tucked in her hands.

Puntastic Dad-ication

Swiggy’s Father’s Day campaign is a light hearted take on mothers cornering most of the glory in parenting. Taking a sneaky view, Swiggy notices it in food too. And points out dishes like UpMa, RajMa, and MOMos, where mothers figure. So Swiggy introduced a BAAP menu, Dad-icated to fathers playing up APPAm , KeBAAP , PAAvBhaji , PAPAroni Pizza, Chicken LolliPOP and Soan PAPAdi. The BAAP menu was celebrated through a digital film. Truly creative, while sticking to its core constituency.

When dads learn from daughters

Tanishq’s father’s day ad is a tribute to a strong daughter and a feminist dad. It captures the journey of a daughter from a young child who poses questions whenever she notices a difference in how a man and woman are treated (relegating mothers to homemaker roles and so on) to a strong woman who confidently tells her dad that she is going on a date. The messaging that fathers who raise strong daughters are, in turn, shaped by them shines through beautifully in this heartwarming ad from the agency Talented.

An anthem of self identity
Senco Pride Campaign

Senco Pride Campaign

To support LGBTQ+ community for Pride Month, Senco Gold and Diamonds has collaborated with Indian drag queen, singer, and actor Sushant Divgikar to launch a powerful anthem ‘Pehchaan’. The song is a deep rumination into the singer’s world and personality. The two-and-a-half-minute video shows Sushant’s declaration of self-identity and the unapologetic acceptance of oneself. The lyrics further give homage to the inner fire that drives and pushes one out of the shadows to stand tall.