Post Diwali, the tempo of ads has slowed down in India. But it picked up pace globally as brands scramble to put out their Christmas/Holiday season campaigns. The narratives mostly focus on heart-tugging stories.

Fuzzy feelings

Apple’s holiday ad, released quite early, titled Fuzzy Feelings is about the sentiment-change an animator undergoes, and the ad is already conquering hearts. The mini film focuses on an animator with a curmudgeonly boss who chastises her all the time, pulling her up for being late and so on. The animator takes out her ire by depicting him in unpleasant situations — being covered under snow, for instance. But then suddenly she sees another side of him, when he distributes thoughtful gifts to all employees. Her mean animated story of him also undergoes a change. It’s a sweetly told story bringing out the spirit of Christmas, and shot entirely on iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Perform big, silently

Haier India’s new Perform Big Silently campaign is a lovely tribute to women achievers. The digital video series gives a peek into the stories of women CXOs and entrepreneurs, who candidly share their unique perspectives, inspiring journeys, challenges and invaluable lessons learned through their careers. The campaign showcases their stories in parallel with Haier India’s washing machines, powered by the direct motion motor. The analogy of silent performers that the brand uses to mirror the story of women achievers with its products works beautifully.

Seeking blood

Pharma brand Abbot has launched a purpose filled campaign seeking to inspire Indian youth to donate blood. India requires an annual average of 14.6 million units of blood, but there is a shortfall of roughly one million units annually. To create awareness, Abbott has extended its worldwide donor recruitment campaign—BETHE1 and launched the a donor campaign song ‘Give Blood. Get Good Vibes’ in India. The vocals are by hip-hop artist, rapper and stage performer Tamojit Chatterjee, aka MC Headshot. In addition to the song and video, there is a campaign on social media where people are encouraged to share their stories of blood donation. 

A loving spread

Think Christmas and the image of baking and cakes come to mind. That’s the spirit that Nutella is harnessing as it invites viewers to craft new recipes using the spread. In the digital film, Ranveer is seen decorating his Christmas tree and explaining how the arrival of the festival is the time to do something special for their loved ones. He then reveals how he is set to ‘spread the love’ with Nutella muffins for his family and invites viewers to do the same by creating scrumptious recipes from and sharing it with their family and friends. Taking the Christmas celebrations up a notch, the brand is also holding a contest where fans could win a special Nutella Christmas jumper.