Cocktails feel like the ultimate indulgent treat being both alcoholic and often sweet.

And with Christmas around the corner it is the ideal time to hone your cocktail making skills.

According to recent Google search data, one of the UK’s favourite cocktails is the pornstar martini – also known as a passionfruit martini.

With 80,600 searches a month it comes in second only to the classic margarita.

It is on the sweeter end of alcoholic drinks, with the main flavour being passionfruit.

Whatever recipe you use for a pornstar martini, the base ingredients will include vodka and passionfruit liqueur.

However, other aspects of the drink can be left more open to interpretation.

One expert shared his “perfect” recipe in order to get the elusive frothy texture on top that can be hard to achieve.

Sharing his top tips with his more than 78,000 followers on TikTok, Jarrod Rickard advised adding 30ml of pineapple juice to your drink.

Better known as the DIY cocktail guy, Jarrord said: “Lets make my DIY pornstar martini. This is my own recipe and it’s the perfect drink.”

His ingredients are as follows:

  • 45ml or 1.5oz vodka
  • 45ml or 1.5oz passionfruit liqueur (Passoa)
  • 45ml or 1.5oz fresh passionfruit pulp
  • 60ml or 2oz tropical juice
  • 30ml or 1oz pineapple juice.

Referring to the unusual addition of pineapple juice he said: “Sounds strange in a passionfruit drink but trust me.

“It tastes amazing and helps with the froth on top.”

To make the cocktail it is best to use a cocktail shaker if you have one.

“Shake all ingredients together with ice and serve in a martini glass,” Jarrord said.

“I then garnished with passionfruit.”

His followers were impressed, with one commenting, “Omg I can never get that foam!” Another said: “I will love this.”