A savvy cleaning enthusiast has let TikTok viewers in on the secret to preventing condensation – and all it calls for is one kitchen staple.

The DIY guru behind the account @bethandhudson shared the hack to help homeowners across Britain tackle unwanted condensation this winter.

“Just a little tip to help with condensation on your windows at this time of the year,” the content creator declared in her clip. “All you need is some dishwashing liquid and a cloth.”

She squeezes a drop of soap into the cloth before wiping down the interior of her windows with it. She added: “Avoid putting too much that it causes the windows to go streaky.”

Once the windows are wiped down, there should be no more residual product, provided that the right amount of product has been used.

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Several science websites, including The Naked Scientists, have looked into the potential reasons the product stopped condensation.

According to their findings, the waxy and alkaline textures of the soap results stop water molecules from sticking to the glass.

As the steam has no smooth surface to latch onto, it is unable to form a fog on the mirrors and windows in your homes covered in soap.

Instead, these droplets conglomerate and form in other parts of the room, including sports and skylights, provided that the conditions are right.

Condensation typically arises when moist and warm air spewed by radiators, meets a cold surface like a window or external walls.

Left unchecked, the dampness caused by condensation can pave the way for further problems like mould growth.

To prevent the issue altogether, open windows frequently throughout winter to allow the humidity to be released outside.

Those reluctant to invite the cold into their homes may benefit from using heating system to prevent condensation. Keeping the house warm in its entirety will prevent areas of cold, where condenation is most likey to occur.