Lidl said “Salmonella has been found” in its meat products which, if eaten, can cause disturbing gastrointestinal symptoms.

The supermarket said: “If you have bought the product, we advise you not to eat it.”

People who have eaten the product might have experienced fever, diarrhoea, and abdominal cramps.

The NHS cautioned that diarrhoea caused by salmonella “can be severe, lasting several days”.

Symptoms may show up as soon as six hours after eating the contaminated food, or it can take up to three days, or more.

The NHS said signs of Salmonella poisoning usually appear within 12 to 36 hours.

All of the supermarket branches in Great Britain are recalling Braemoor Duck Breast Fillet products.

The two affected are Braemoor Two Duck Breast Fillets with Plum, Soy and Ginger Sauce Sachet and Braemoor Two Duck Breast Fillets, Skin on and Boneless.

The best-before date on the packaging would be August 21, 2024, and the pack size is 400g. For further information contact Lidl Customer Care on 0203 966 5566 or email [email protected]

Lidl is also recalling its Deluxe Red Cabbage With Apple, Dried Cranberries and Spices. All batches are affected by undeclared allergens.

Lidl said: “This product contains milk, which is not declared in bold on [the] pack. If you have bought the above product and have an allergy or intolerance to milk, we advise you not to eat it. Customers are asked to return this product to the nearest store where a full refund will be given.”

Tesco has also issued an alert for its customers stating one of its products is “unsafe to eat”.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said: “Tesco is recalling Growers Harvest Garden Peas because of possible contamination with an unknown type of berry.”

Its possible contamination with this unknown type of berry makes the product “unsafe to eat”.

The products’ batch codes include:

  • 23196
  • 23197
  • 23198
  • 23199
  • 23200

The 900g packaging will have a best-before date of either January 2025, February 2025, or April 2025.

Tesco said: “Please do not consume this product, and return it to store where a full refund will be given. No receipt is required. Tesco apologised to our customers for any inconvenience caused.”