Going on holiday can be expensive, but these two women might have found a genius money-saving hack.

We’d all love to get away from it all on a sunny, tropical island holiday every once in a while, but the reality is that for many of us, holidays are just too expensive. Even if you manage to get a great deal on your flights, there’s still the hotel to consider, as well as any rental cars you might need and the cost of any attractions you want to visit.

There are ways to get around the cost of a hotel such as opting for throwing a fold-up tent on your back and camping outside, but this isn’t always practical – especially if your plan is to spend your nights partying.

But even if camping isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy a weekend getaway without booking a hotel. All you need is a rental car, some publicly accessible toilets, and a little bit of imagination.

Two women who recently went on a clubbing weekend in Majorca have shared how they kept their costs down on their trip by sleeping in their rental car and using the toilets in a local Burger King to get ready for their night out.

Esther Pinos posted a video on her TikTok account, @estherpinos_, detailing how she and a friend flew from mainland Spain to Majorca and hired a rental car, which they then used to store their clothes and give them a safe place to sleep after spending the night clubbing.

To navigate the lack of toilet facilities in their car, the pair paid for dinner at a local Burger King, and then used the toilets in the fast food restaurant to get changed and brush their teeth.

In one part of Esther’s TikTok video, she could even be seen straightening her hair using a plug socket that was conveniently located next to the table where the pair sat down to eat their dinner.

The video caption, which has been translated from Spanish into English, read: “POV: You go to Majorca to party without booking a hotel and use Burger King loos to get ready.”

Esther later confirmed in the comments that she and her friend had slept in the vehicle, as when someone asked where they had spent the night, she replied: “In the rental car.”

And for those wondering whether it’s legal to sleep in your car in Majorca, it is. The Spanish Directorate General of Traffic states that “while a vehicle is correctly parked, without exceeding the road markings delimiting the parking area, nor the time limitation, it is not relevant if the occupants are inside”.

Commenters on the video were split over whether the money-saving hack was genius or not. Some believed getting dressed in a public toilet was “disgusting”, while others suggested alternative ways to save cash that didn’t involve a Burger King.

One person wrote: “I’ll give you a tip. You pay the daily rate of any gym which is 10 euros, and you go in for a shower and come out ready to dance.”

But another argued: “How disgusting! Those toilets are always dirty, especially in the afternoon.”