You don’t often come across bathrooms covered in black paint.

One woman who announced her plans to give her bathroom a bold makeover in this shade was met with cautionary advice against it. However, she proved people wrong when sharing the results.

Alexandra Levy, who shares her interior design exploits on TikTok under the alias @alexandralevyinteriors, wowed the online community with the reveal of her revamped bathroom.

The brunette influencer, who regularly posts about affordable luxury home and design ideas, teased her followers with a glimpse into her latest project.

Her video kicked off with a snapshot of a mundane white bathroom featuring a standard toilet and metallic roll holder, complemented by a sketch of Katherine Hepburn adorning the wall.

The frame then shifted to display a plain sink set beneath a gold mirror, overlaid with the text: “Me: I want to paint it black. Them: You’re insane.”

The big reveal showcased the transformed space, now boasting black walls, golden fixtures accenting the white cabinetry, verdant plants, stylish lighting, and gold-framed artwork.

Encouraging her viewers to embrace daring decor decisions, Alexandra captioned her post: “Don’t be afraid to make bold choices.”

The makeover clip has since garnered a flurry of likes and sparked a wave of comments from impressed spectators, with one labelling the outcome as “perfection”. Another simply stated: “Love it,” and a third concurred: “Love this! Never a bad idea.”

In addition to TikTok, Alexandra also shares her home decor tips on Instagram under the same handle, @alexandralevyinteriors, boasting an impressive 169,000 followers.