If you have been in the market for a new game console, Xbox might be your best bang for your buck right now with prices plummeting in the UK.

It comes as reports says that sales of Xbox shrank by 27 per cent in Europe as PS5 sales shot up more than 200 per cent – and as a result, Xbox prices have been dropping rapidly.

It means if you have been holding out for a gaming console, an Xbox might be the best value for money thanks to some brilliant deals by retailers.

The best deal that we have found is from Amazon which is selling the console for £359.99 – but it might be worth spending a little more on some other deals we have found.

GAME is selling an Xbox Series X bundle with Diablo IV for just £379.99 – perfect if you need one of the newest games along with your new console. 

Argos is also selling Xbox Series X bundles including Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition for £389.99 – saving £100 on the bundle and perfect for racing fans.

The price of the Xbox Series S has also plummeted. Amazon is selling a Xbox Series S starter bundle for just £199.99 if you don’t fancy spending tons on a new console.

If you want to find out more about the Xbox Series X and whether or not its worth the money, you can read our comprehensive Xbox Series X review. You can also find the best Xbox deals that we continually update throughout the year.

At the time, we called the console a “powerhouse” but one of the biggest drawbacks at the time was the steep price. Now with these deals, it might be worth pulling the trigger if you have been holding out.